83-Year-Old Ontarian Claims an Amazing CA$60M Lotto Max Prize

This week, the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation revealed the identity of the next lottery multi-millionaire from the country. The 83-year-old mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother from Vankleek Hill, Ontario – Vera Page is the winner of a life-changing CA$60 million Lotto Max jackpot. Her amazing windfall dates to the November 1 draw of the game.

Lotto Max is a popular lottery offering in Canada which is drawn twice a week, once on Tuesday and once on Friday. The jackpot for the game can reach the mind-boggling CA$70,000,000, and once the main prize goes above CA$50,000,000, draws also offer several Maxmillion prizes up for grabs. Each of those is worth a hefty CA$1,000,000.

Celebrating the Win

Just recently, the major winner visited an OLG office in Toronto to claim her windfall, where she talked more about herself and how she won the amazing prize of CA$60 million. She shared that she called many of her relatives about the big news but they either did not pick up the phone or no one actually believed her.

Ms. Page has been a regular lottery player for over 40 years, and she almost did not buy the winning ticket when the weekly outing to the grocery store from her retirement home was cancelled. Then she took matters into her own hands and hopped on her motorized scooter and went there herself. Her winning ticket was acquired at Foodland on Highway 34 in Vankleek Hill.

The owner of the store, Justin Phelan, has also shared his excitement over the mega million win. He said that he is quite happy for Ms. Page and that he was excited to be part of the experience. Some of the regular customers said that the winning could not have happened to a nice person and that she thoroughly deserves the hefty jackpot.

With the money, the winner shares that she wants to buy land on the Ottawa River and build a double-family house for her and her son’s family. Of course, she also intends on sharing the money with her big family and taking care of their futures. But first and foremost, as a treat for herself, she will buy a brand-new hearing aid.

Some Big Wins in 2022

Throughout the year, Canadian lottery players have cashed out on some amazing Lotto Max prizes. For instance, back in January, 54-year-old Manoharan Ponnuthurai from Brampton, Ontario won a life-changing CA$70,000,000. Mr. Ponnuthurai is a regular lottery player for over 30 years before a Quick Pick selection brought him the stunning prize.

In the summer, Jennifer Cole from West Kelowna, British Columbia, also joined the club of lottery multi-millionaires. She managed to win the amazing CA$31,000,000 prize through her weekly Lotto Max subscription on PlayNow. Her ticket was drawn as the sole winner of the grand prize in the July 8 drawing of the popular ticket game.

Source: β€œEastern Ontario great-grandmother, 83, wins $60M Lotto Max jackpot” CTV News, November 23, 2022


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