Loto-Québec Supports COVID-19 Battle with CA$1m Donation

Loto-Québec recently made it clear it is ready to support the organizations actively battling the novel coronavirus in Canada. The Crown corporation made a donation amounting to CA$1,000,000 to the provincial Moisson centers supporting the community. Showing its support to the alternative food bank is essential in these trying times, as it would bring support to the communities across Quebec in a timely manner.

The rapid outbreak of the novel coronavirus has taken over the province of Quebec and the number of confirmed cases is progressively increasing. As of March 23, there is a total of 628 confirmed COVID-19 cases within the borders of the province. About 265 of those are concentrated in the region of Montreal, as Premier François Legault confirmed. This has been the highest increase in Quebec up until now.

Donations Made

The unprecedented situation called for new measures to be implemented across the province. All non-essential services would now have to come to a halt, at least until April 13. For the time being, the lockdown is expected to last three weeks, but once the date arrives, more projections and estimations would be made. In the meantime, social distancing remains mandatory for all residents.

Loto-Québec is the Crown corporation that wants to support its community in these challenging times through direct and indirect acts of kindness. The latest one is a donation amounting to CA$1,000,000 to the Moisson du Quebec, the alternative food bank that has been continuously supporting locals. With the help of this donation, individuals across Quebec would have the chance to experience solidarity in a time of need.

Volunteering in the food bank has been a lifestyle for many people in the region and it should be noted that their day-to-day involvement would be boosted by the substantial financial support coming from the Crown corporation. Along with the money, Loto-Québec also provided food to the food banks, as well as much-needed supplies for the local health system.

Loto-Québec Supports Communities

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has taken the province by storm but this is not a time for panic, as the lottery leader is willing to help organizations in need. The Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux was also among the beneficiaries of the recent donations. Loto-Québec contributed some 30,000 N95 masks for the health workers in need, as well as antiseptic gel, wipes, and pump cartridges that would be used in the upcoming weeks.

In other news, Hilton Lac-Leamy in Gatineau recently closed doors indefinitely, as it was announced by Loto-Québec. This means that the accommodation hotspot would no longer be able to welcome individuals from near and far, as the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus would have to be slowed down. For the time being, the Crown corporation has not pinpointed a particular opening date for the hotel tower.

Casino Lac-Leamy is the gaming facility adjacent to it. This brick-and-mortar venue was among the first batch of casino complexes to close for business once the outbreak made its way to Canada. Mid-March Casino Montreal, Casino Charlevoix, Casino Lac-Leamy, and Casino Mont-Tremblant ceased operation.

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