Loto-Québec Pioneers Live Sports Betting Online

Loto-Québec is ready for a new chapter of its operation that is commencing here and now. Mise-o-jeu online sports betting offering was greenlighted this Tuesday, bringing more diverse wagering offerings to the people seeking the thrill of sports events. Players interested in placing their wagers on live games now have the chance to do so on the official online platform espacejeux.com

Sports betting is among the most popular gaming offerings for many people around the globe. They have the opportunity to test their knowledge of sports events, the different teams, and how they interact with each other. Predicting the outcome, as well as various other factors is essential for the people wagering on live sports tournaments. Quebec players have a unique opportunity.

Sports Wagering

For the first time ever, Loto-Québec is giving locals the chance to place a bet on sports events that have already commenced. While it is in progress, they can place their wager and hope for the best. The premium online platform is aiming to make this offering the most popular sports wagering platform in Quebec, eventually eliminating any illegal sportsbooks or offshore websites used.

Canada considers single-event sports wagering illegal nowadays, as the regulation in place prohibits this gaming activity. Many individuals interested in sports wagering seek alternative sportsbooks online or engage in illegal activities in order to quench their thirst for wagering. The Crown corporation wants to remain as competitive as possible and this could happen with the latest introduction. The live sports wagering is a milestone for Loto-Québec.

The upcoming weeks are important for the sports wagering fans, as the Major League Baseball season is set to commence on July 23. The launch date of this new offering was chosen carefully, allowing players to get the best of the situation and benefit from diverse baseball events happening live. This season is about to span all the way to October 28.

Freedom and Concerns

Moreover, players will also get the chance to benefit from various National Basketball Association events introducing its new season on July 30 with as many as 22 teams participating. All other sports available at espacejeux.com will also allow Quebec residents to place a bet once the live action has already commenced. Players should combine at least two live bets in order to place their wager.

This has always been the case and people interested in pre-match wagering are used to this approach. The Federal Government might greenlight single-event sports wagering in the upcoming year, as the push for that has been strong. The new offering also comes with a security option protecting vulnerable players from overspending or the so-called tilting. Anne Élizabeth Lapointe, director of the Maison Jean Lapointe and the Quebec Center for the Fight against Addictions pointed out some flaws.

She stated that people struggling with problem gambling and gambling addiction will get a deceiving sense of control that could further worsen their bankroll and financial state down the road. The Crown corporation offers a wide array of problem gambling measures protecting players through self-exclusion and limiting their gambling budget.

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