It’s a Whole New World: Lotto MAX Launches Tuesday Regular Draws

Lotto MAX is going to transform lottery enthusiasts lives very soon, as we are on the verge of a whole new era of the game. This Tuesday is about to see the very first Lotto MAX Tuesday draw that would essentially double the chances of winning big. In addition to that, the lottery offering is also going to increase its cap to up to CA$70 million but could this be truly beneficial for the people actually paying attention to the odds of winning?

May 14, 2019 would be remembered as the day when Lotto MAX reached a new milestone as the most popular lottery game in Canada. From here on out the lottery game is going to feature two weekly draws, one on Tuesday and another one on Friday. Players consider this a double chance of winning big and it is projected that the ticket purchases are going to increase and double.

May 14 Brings First Tuesday Draw

Enthusiasts would have to pay attention to the draws twice as much and put to the test their lucky numbers. In addition to the second weekly draw, the lottery game is also going to see an increase in its cap. This means that the current highest jackpot of CA$60 million could soon grow all the way to the CA$70-million mark.

This is a pivotal point of the lottery game development, as at its very first days the cap was placed at CA$50 million. Throughout the years, Lotto MAX transformed into one of the most popular lottery games and this meant that it ranked right next to Lotto 6/49, another generous opportunity to make the best of life.

This cap increase would mean that following a period of now Main prize claim, one lucky number combination would bring someone or a group of people a generous payout. It often happens that a group of friends or coworkers purchase a joint lottery ticket. This guarantees them that is their number combination is drawn, they are going to receive a substantial win and slice it but still manage bag millions.

Cap Jumps to CA$70 Million

May 3 was a special day for a Montreal group of 20 people that managed to win the CA$50-million Lotto MAX jackpot. They recently claimed their prize and shared their plans for the future. However, one of said 20 people has yet to contact Loto-Quebec and make their way to the prize claim office in order to bag their CA$2.5-million slice.

The third new Lotto MAX feature is a rather controversial one. Up until now, the numbers used in the draws ranged from 1 to 49 offering certain odds of winning the Main prize. From here on out the draws are going to feature the number 50. Odds-wise, this move would mean that the current 1 to 28 million odds would shift to 1 in 33,294,800. Players stated that this move could neutralize the benefit of a second weekly draw.

However, this would also mean that the jackpots are going to have more time to grow and swell to the ultimate cap. Two new prize categories, Match 5/7+bonus and Match 4/7+bonus would also be included. May 14 would come with an approximate jackpot of CA$17 million, a hefty sum that has already caused increased interest in the lottery game.

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