Find the Holiday Spirit at the Christmas Market near Casino du Lac-Leamy

Christmas time is near and Ottawa is already preparing for the celebrations to come over the next few weeks. For the very first time, the capital is about to welcome a traditional Christmas market bringing the spirit of the holidays and welcoming people from near and far with its traditional food offerings and mulled wine. The special market would be located in the vicinity of Casino du Lac-Leamy, already a popular location for everyone.

Bringing the true spirit of a Christmas market closer to the people who would enjoy it the most would guarantee an exciting holiday season for Ottawa locals. The capital is a tourist hotspot, making it the perfect location for a European-style Christmas market. The capitals of the Old Continent are known to host some of the most impressive traditional events.

Ottawa’s First Christmas Market

Usually, this type of temporary construction features many market cabins offering people finger food, traditional pretzels, churros, various dishes for both meat lovers and vegetarians. Nobody feels left out at a gathering of this magnitude. Christmas markets are also known for their mulled wine shops, transforming the alcoholic beverage into a whirlpool of orange, black pepper, and nutmeg.

People ready to completely immerse in the fairytale world of a Christmas market could also enjoy an indulgent hot chocolate, as to keep their hands warm in the winter cold. Up until now, Ottawa has not seen a European-style Christmas market and locals had to travel all the way to Toronto, renowned for its Christmas celebration and rich spirit inspired by its European roots. November 29 is about to see the official opening of this seasonal joy near Casino du Lac-Leamy.

The Christmas market is about to remain open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays up until December 22 in order to amp up the traditional spirit. Casino du Lac-Leamy is projected to see a surge in operation, as more people visit the area. Many Canadians perceive the holiday season as a special time, which could be celebrated with a major casino prize or lottery jackpot.

Casino du Lac-Leamy Electrifies Ottawa

Casino du Lac-Leamy guarantees both family-friendly offerings and gambling opportunities with generous jackpots. Le Baccara is the premium dinging location featuring a special grand tasting menu from November 27. Gourmet aficionados could enjoy a seven-course dinner for CA$125 per person.

Everyone curious to find out where imagination meets culinary skills and whether the end result could mesmerize them has the chance to treat themselves. The casino also offers great cash prizes that could swell up to CA$500 every hour. The special offer would run Mondays until December 16 and all members of the Casino Privileges club will have the chance to become eligible for a cash prize while participating in slot gaming or gaming tables.

Following the winning draw, the fortunate casino patron has only 15 minutes to claim their prize, so they should be in the casino or in its vicinity. Sundays are also special at Casino du Lac-Leamy, as players could claim their CA$100 prize once every 30 minutes. The promotional game covers the hours between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. and includes individuals part of the Casino Privileges club. They must be playing at one of the slot machines or game tables available on the premises of the casino.

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