Excitement around Century Mile Racetrack & Casino Monday Launch Peaks

Alberta is about to welcome its brand new Century Mile Racetrack and Casino and local players are impatient to see everything new and improved it would have on offer. Monday is the day anticipated by everyone and preparation for the official launch took place over the weekend. Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis and the casino venue management were bracing for the first casino patrons that would enter the venue.

This Monday could easily be defined as the highlight of April for the area, as the long-anticipated gaming and racing complex is about to welcome its first customers. The official launch of the casino venue is going to take place at 9:30 a.m. and projections are that the new venue is going to attract quite the crowd ahead of the official doors opening. Paul Ryneveld, Managing Director at Century Mile Racetrack and Casino pointed out that preparation has been in progress over the past weeks.

Casino Heats Up the Area

This weekend was specifically dedicated to the last technical preparation on site of the new gaming floor. According to the Managing Director himself, Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis has been putting all gaming devices on site to final tests. What is crucial at the moment is that all machines are well connected to the monitoring system that would manage them.

In addition to that, the weekend was also dedicated to the additional work on the ambiance and the warm atmosphere that would welcome players on Monday. The more family-friendly offerings such as the dining experience were also twitched and prepared for the grand opening that would put them to the ultimate test.

The Derby would be the restaurant welcoming all players and locals willing to try the a la carte offerings up for grabs. As many as 300 individuals would be able to dine on a busy day. In addition to that, there would also be a special buffet dining area on the second floor of the casino venue that would aim to meet the high expectations of all casino patrons.

Northlands Park Replaced, but Not Forgotten

The ultimate goal of the new venue would be to make the player experience a much more pleasant one and ensure that it is all intuitive. Excitement is already palpable in the air not only because of the very fact that a new casino would launch. The location is going to feature a unique for the region option that would allow players to replay, as well as enjoy virtual dealers diversifying their gaming experience.

The racetrack is going to be the sole Class A one-mile track in the western part of the country elevating racing events on a whole new level. The complex has a capacity of 5,000 individuals, but when the need arises more grandstands would easily be introduced. Since the racetrack and casino is located in the vicinity of Edmonton International Airport, traffic in the are is projected to be high on Monday.

In order to facilitate travelers transportation to and fro the airport, management of the EIA now offers special trips that would reduce any potential delays. Century Mile Racetrack and Casino replaces the iconic Northlands Park Racetrack & Casino that ceased operation at the beginning of February. The new location is going to welcome its first racing event on April 28.

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