Epic Northlands Racetrack and Casino Auction Evokes Nostalgia across Edmonton

Northlands Park and Casino in Edmonton closed for business on February 1 and the area is now officially preparing for the next phase of the gaming and racing sector in the region. February 23 is eyed as a special date for the location, as it is going to provide horse racing enthusiasts and everyone interested in having a piece of history in their possession with the chance to bid in an auction for plaques, old photos with historical value, various objects, and memorable trophies unearthed on site of the racecourse.

True history and horse racing enthusiasts would be thrilled to find out that their beloved racing track with nearly 120-year of history is now able to offer them priceless discoveries to the likes of restaurant, bar assets, and collectibles. Scott Sinclair, Director of Marketing for Northlands said that now that the location is no longer in operation, more and more objects are being found in storage spaces and long-forgotten boxes.

Auction Has Memorabilia and Valuable Pieces on Offer

Since it is a beloved location for locals, the racecourse decided to give everyone interested the opportunity to become the proud owner of a piece of memorabilia from the 20th century. Next Saturday would witness the only chance to do so, at a special auction featuring the priceless pieces of history. Among the pieces up for grabs by bidders, there is a 1951 plaque with Edmonton Exhibition Grandstand engraved on it.

In addition to that, it also bears the names of all directors, then-Mayor Sidney Parsons, President H.W.J. Maddison, and Vice-President L.M. Rye. There are also detailed posters with information that would excite every horse lover, as well as old-fashioned pieces that have sentimental value for people of all ages. Locals have a strong connection to the racetrack, as they have memories of visiting it with their families and loved ones which is what would eventually attract them to the auction.

Kastner Auctions is going to take care of the auction organization in order to ensure that the process is fair for all participants. Sean Kastner is the President of the auction company and he is excited to make this auction reality. Viewing day for the Epic Northlands Racetrack and Casino Restaurant & Assets Auction will take place on February 22, whereas the auction itself would start at 10 a.m. on the next day.

Casino Operation Relocates Near Airport

People will have the chance to bid for valuable objects that have aided operation on site, such as seating, large kitchen equipment, cleaning items of all sorts, and valuable stainless steel. On offer, there will be various bartending supplies and kitchen cutlery, aged liquor, and other equipment such as blowers, and compressors.

The three-in-one auction would take place at 7410 Borden Park Road Northwest, in the vicinity of Edmonton City Dairy. After 118 years of operation, Northlands Parks racetrack closed for business several months after the last live event was held on site. In alignment with the Vision 2020 project, the area would have to be transformed into outdoor festival grounds.

In the meantime, Century Casinos obtained the license for operation in the region. The operator oversees management of Century Downs Racetrack and Casino in Calgary. Once Century Mile Racetrack and Casino currently being built in the vicinity of Edmonton International Airport is finished, gaming action would relocate there.

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