Enthusiast Gaming Branches Out into Online Gaming ahead of Esports Expo

Enthusiast Gaming recently announced it would explore the opportunities offered by the gaming world with a new partnership with PartyCasino.Fun. The online gaming leader would team up with Luminosity Gaming, in order to make the most of this sponsorship arrangement. PartyCasino.Fun is projected to power the gaming lounge available at Enthusiast Live Gaming Expo at Metro Toronto Convention Centre starting October 18.

In the world of competitive video gaming, branching out could mean more for all parties involved in the collaboration. When it comes to Enthusiast Gaming, the digital media company is ready for the expert support of an online gaming force such as PartyCasino.Fun and their collaboration down the road. As a result of it, Luminosity Gaming merchandise is going to be branded with the online casino’s recognizable logo.

Online Gaming Fans Explore Esports

Such a placement would see brand placement during regular live streams of competitive gaming, as well as live events broadcasted for everyone to watch. Luminosity Gaming fans would also be able to make jerseys purchase featuring the PartyCasino.Fun brand printed along with the signature designs loved by many. On the other hand, the online casino leader is about to power the upcoming convention focusing on egaming.

The gaming lounge that would be available at Enthusiast Live Gaming Expo at Metro Toronto Convention Centre is projected to see the online casino’s helping hand. As a result, a larger audience of enthusiasts would be able to enjoy its offerings if they are above the age of 19. Players are known for their preference for PartyCasino.Fun, as it has upwards of 500 online games up for grabs.

They can choose between beloved classics and futuristic online slots. Projections are that this new partnership would attract a wider audience to everything in store by Enthusiasts Gaming. Online gamers have other expectations and demands when it comes to their online activities, something the digital media company and its esports division would aim to cater to down the road.

Metro Toronto Convention Center Welcomes Expo

Menashe Kestenbaum, President of Enthusiast Gaming, said the direct sales team is ready to propel operation down the road, as the collaboration would need a strong support network. The most prominent esports organization in Canada is ready to greenlight the highly-anticipated convention focusing on the egaming world.

Metro Toronto Convention Center is about to welcome a crowd of fans and people interested in the competitive gaming world this weekend. Enthusiast Live Gaming Expo is ready to launch this Friday and extend all the way to October 20. Everyone interested in learning more about the rapidly growing competitive gaming scene would have the chance to do so during the diverse convention.

Its schedule includes meet & greets, as well as informative panels on various topics. Creators and renowned gamers to the likes of Cyanide & Happiness, Hungrybox, and Vikkstar would share their thoughts and projections on the field. Action would commence at 4:30 p.m. on October 18 with Ubisoft Toronto game demos available for all fans to test.

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