Digitain Brings Sports Betting Innovation to Widening Audience

Digitain is about to improve the functionality of its sports betting offering with the help of a new option allowing players to partially cash-out. The innovation is ready to transform lives and make it possible for players to operate in a more convenient and adequate to their needs way down the road. Projections are that the new partial cash-out feature is about to attract a larger crowd of sports wagering aficionados.

Having the opportunity to withdraw your money before the end of the sports wagering session or at any given time of the gaming action is an essential advantage in an ever-changing gaming world. From here on out, Digitain players would be able to get part of their money back before the end of a sports event they have wagered on.

Partial Cash-Out Available

The new feature is expected to make their betting activity more flexible while also acknowledging the fact that it is a mutually beneficial one. Bettors will be able to partially withdraw the money placed on in-play wagers. This level of trust would attract an entirely new generation of sports bettors, ready to gamble cautiously and make thought-through decisions while they are gambling.

Players will have the opportunity to partially cash-out whenever they feel like it with the help of the comprehensive Sportsbook Admin Panel offered by Digitain. Suren Khachatryan, CCO at Digitain, said that the latest addition would make for a well-rounded set of features at the sports betting platform. Sports betting operators facilitating Digitainโ€™s platform are in for a treat, as they would generate additional revenue as a result of this new feature.

Moreover, they would also receive a fee for the special feature implementation. November has been a productive month for the innovative sports wagering and gaming company, as it entered a collaboration with WorldMatch, eyeing long-term partnership with the Milan-based gaming developer. With the help of this partnership, existing and future clients of Digitain will have the opportunity to enjoy the gaming offerings WorldMatch has up for grabs.

International Recognition

This portfolio includes as many as 160 slot titles, as well as 30 table games available online for all Digitain customers. They also gained access to premium video poker offerings, available both on desktop and mobile devices. This collaboration would make it possible for WorldMatch to explore new markets where Digitain is currently available, as well as join it in its future endeavors.

The company was also praised for its innovation and ongoing professionalism at the recent Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo in Sofia, Bulgaria. It received the Fastest Growing Online Platform of the Year award thanks to the expansion it has seen over the past few months. Digitain has seen expansion across Europe, Asia, as well as Africa and Latin America, all rapidly-developing markets welcoming the new player.

The first days of November saw the company announce a brand new era of its online gaming and wagering offerings, as it teamed up with ID Quantique. Its reliable Random Number Generator was implemented across Digitainโ€™s sports wagering and online gaming platforms, ready to elevate the player experience on a whole new level.

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