Chatham Residents of All Ages Welcome Cascades Casino Chatham Next Week

Chatham would soon welcome a brand new casino venue and projections are that it would attract quite the crowd to the area. July 16 is scheduled to introduce the soft opening of this location and the management promises family-friendly offerings available on site. The official opening ceremony is going to transform August 8 into a memorable day for the community with the grand celebrations.

Over the span of the past 12 months, the casino venue has been under construction, as the management was seeking to introduce a premium facility with even more advanced gaming offerings. This was Gateway Casinos & Entertainment’s main goal when it comes to Cascades Casino Chatham. The casino complex project amounts to CA$36 million and it could be classified as a midrange one when it comes to the casino locations built by the casino operator.

Casino Soft Opening on July 16

The new location wants to introduce the concept of a family-friendly complex to the region, a place where people of all ages could enjoy quality time with each other. This could happen at a casino complex, contrary to the popular belief that these locations are welcoming to gaming enthusiasts solely. What is crucial for diversifying the experience is the family-friendly element.

This is the leading selling point of Cascades Casino Chatham. With the rapid approach of July 16, more details are being revealed and local learn more about what they should expect. The casino floor is going to work around the clock, a special feature that is projected to attract individuals in larger quantities. People would not have to worry about closing time, as they would have the opportunity to enjoy the diverse gaming offerings at all times.

Up to 930 individuals could feel comfortable within the premises of the casino complex, including the restaurant area and the gaming zone. The two halves of the building are equal in size, showing that the venue belongs to casino patrons as much as it belongs to parents with children.

The Official Ceremony is on August 8

On a provincial scale, this location is a groundbreaking one, as the casino operator build it from scratch. Up until this point, other casino venues within the province such as Gateway Casinos Point Edward and Gateway Casinos Hanover were simply renovated. The management overtake of those two locations was possible following the purchase of the Southwest Gaming Bundle.

It could be recalled that back in 2016 the casino operator purchased it along with the North Gaming Bundle. Back then, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation decided it is time for a renovation of the local gaming field and operators should have the chance to acquire existing casino venues. With the two gaming bundles, Gateway Casinos also received the opportunity to build brand new casino locations in Chatham-Kent, North Bay, and Kenora.

Cascades Casino Chatham is going to use the momentum gained by the slots venue at Dresden Raceway. Many of the slot devices would be relocated this weekend, in addition to brand new ones, ultimately rounding their number to 300. The casino operator also confirmed that no Dresden staff members would be laid off as a result of the transition.

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