Casino Regina Staff Might Celebrate Long-Anticipated Contracts this October

Casino Regina employees were ready to take to the streets and fight for their rights as employees, but as it was recently confirmed this would not be necessary. The casino venue staff managed to reach a long-anticipated tentative agreement with casino management, a negotiation process that was overseen by the Public Service Alliance of Canada. Such an agreement aims to see an improvement of work conditions and a brighter future for casino workers.

Staff members are the people responsible for the smooth operation of a given casino venue and their rights should be taken into account at all times. The Canadian gaming industry has seen multiple occasions when casino workers rebel against their management because they consider their rights to be violated or their working conditions fail to meet the expectations. Casino Regina workers were ready to go down that road this summer.

Tentative Agreement Reached

Over the past few months, workers failed to see adequate collaboration with the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation on their way to better employment conditions. They were quick to make it clear that a walkout is on the table and they have the legal right to commence a walkout at midnight on July 26. Being prepared to go on a strike could speed up the negotiation process.

The issues around Casino Regina could be traced about a decade back but this did not discourage employees willing to see a change and fight for improved conditions. December 2016 saw the end of their contracts and the Public Service Alliance of Canada has been in negotiations on better work conditions ever since. However, as it turned out months later no solution had been found until this week.

The union protecting employees’ rights reached favorable conditions for future employment with the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation. For the time being, it is still a tentative agreement that would have to receive an official green light in the foreseeable future. The union protecting workers recommended approval of the proposed deal.

Strike Action No Longer Looms over Casino

As of now, no additional details have been revealed on the tentative agreement, but it has been confirmed that they would be issued publicly at the beginning of October. This is when a vote on the subject is scheduled to take place and decide the ultimate fate of Casino Regina workers.

Earlier this summer the employees said they are after improved shift premiums, better wages, as well as beneficial conditions when it comes to paid leave. The negotiation process has been ongoing ever since 2017 and this year could see actual results and changes. A strike has always been a tactic eyed by casino employees, especially the individuals associated with Casino Regina.

Back in 2010, they went on a 53-day walkout, which ended up affecting the financial performance of the casino venue. By the summer of 2010, it became clear that gaming revenue generated by the location witnessed a CA$4.3-million drop compared to 2009. Another negative outcome of the strike that lasted nearly two months was a 30percent slump of casino patrons.

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