CA$31.1m Cascades Casino North Bay on Track for July 2020 Launch

Cascades Casino North Bay is currently under construction, but it has been revealed that everything goes according to the initially issued schedule of the gaming venue. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment invests some CA$31.1 million into its complex projected to transform the community and bring many new players to the region. Pinewood Park Drive is about to see great changes in the upcoming months.

A casino complex could impact its host community in many ways and one of those is the road system available. Cascades Casino North Bay is still in its construction phase but it all seems to be going just as expected. The official opening date of this project would be revealed later on, but projections are that it would take place in July 2020.

Project Goes according to Schedule

Keeping up the good work and according to the previously discussed timeline of construction is essential, especially when it comes to winter in Canada. The weather conditions would make the workers’ job harder when it comes to external work for a longer period of time. This is why enclosing the building in the foreseeable future would be essential.

Workers will have the chance to work on the interior of the casino complex. This includes both the casino area of the complex with a modern feel to it and the family-friendly offerings available on site, such as the two premium dining offerings. Gateway Casinos is renowned for its MATCH Eatery and Public House, as well as The Buffet, both offering delicious menu meeting the expectations of all customers.

The two areas are separated, to ensure that all parties are content with the experience they have. May 2019 was the month of the groundbreaking ceremony on site of the future Cascades Casino North Bay. Projections of this location are that it would guarantee steady employment to about 300 individuals, both in the casino area and the restaurant zones.

Speed Reduction in the Area

The new casino complex is about to result in a premium roundabout at the intersection of Lakeshore and Pinewood Park drives. It is projected to cost upwards of CA$3 million, depending on the specifics associated with it. Gateway Casinos and the City would split the bill and ensure that traffic in the vicinity of the casino venue does not suffer from the increased number of individuals traveling there.

One of the latest decisions on improved traffic in the area would mandate a 60 km/h speed limit near Cascades Casino North Bay. This is projected to minimize the risk of unfortunate events happening and accidents occurring in the area, thus threatening the life and well-being of casino patrons. The first weeks of 2020 are about to see the implementation of this speed limit and making it a mandatory condition.

At the moment, the speed limit in the area is 80 km/h. As for the roundabout, the project has yet to be thoroughly discussed and there are documents that need to be obtained ahead of its official construction. This means that it would not be ready before the official launch of the casino venue, but it would launch operation in the upcoming years.

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