British Columbia Players Will Be Able to Seek Compulsive Gambling Support via Texting

Problem gambling is an issue which needs special measures and restrictions introduced, as well as active counseling for the individuals willing to make the next step and ensure they work on their issues. Now the British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch is willing to upgrade its services and guarantee help for as many people as possible by implementing online and mobile support, among other brand new offerings.

In order to provide people with all-encompassing support in trying times, as well as easy access to the wide array of services available, the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch is determined to bring more to British Columbia’s players. This is going to happen via an extensive renovation process taking over the problem gambling services it offers. In order to make access to them even easier and guarantee players feel secure to utilize them, several new offerings will be available in the foreseeable future.

Problem Gambling Support On a New Level

Anyone interested in giving the new offerings a try will have the chance to do so via the new online chat support providing guaranteed live-support. There is a team of experts that will text people in need of support and guidance in these trying times. Responses will be non-automated, as to ensure that gaming enthusiasts receive the personal support mandatory in such situations. The service will be available both for desktop and mobile users, making it even more accessible.

Those interested should expect an immediate answer, as problem gambling is considered a time-sensitive issue. Operators offering their guidance online via the chat option are advised to answer individuals in a timely manner, with responses taking less than two minutes. Same will apply to the mobile text service, which is projected to attract a higher number of individuals already used to texting everyone.

People will have the chance to give the service a try and test the expert advice around the clock. It should be taken into account that even though gambling enthusiasts affected by compulsive gambling do not give much thought to the time, they could feel the need to seek support at any given time and day.

Improvements Come after Turmoil

Seeking help and support is nothing to be ashamed of, as it shows a level of maturity rarely demonstrated by people. It is also considered the first step towards improvement since individuals are willing to work on their self-improvement and leaving harmful habits behind them. In this sense, the gambling intervention services available for those in need are essential for players’ financial state and mental health.

The need for change stems from the fact that even though nearly 2,500 individuals have been offered further counseling, only half of them have actually attended such a meeting. This is a practice that should be changed, by making personal one-on-one dialogue possible between players and experts. Gambling addiction is a serious issue across the country, the expansion coming amid the recent Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program scandal which caught on tape the inefficiency of the measure.

Chances Playtime in Courtenay was the location where Nik Galego, a compulsive player from Vancouver tested the strength of restrictions. As it turned out, nobody stopped him or asked him for his ID at the entrance of the casino venue, allowing him to enter and even gamble CA$20 away. As part of the ongoing Gaming Control Act review, the program is expected to benefit, but this appears to be the case for the British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch as well.

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