British Columbia Agency Is Now After Money-Laundering Ring Kingpins’ Assets

British Columbia became notoriously known for the money-laundering scheme involving local casino venues that has been in progress for the past few years, severely compromising the integrity of both the gaming field and the authorities. In a recent development of events, it became clear that the British Columbia’s Civil Forfeiture Office is now after personal assets of the couple behind the scheme, including a house in Vancouver and CA$2 million in cash.

It could be recalled that the past few weeks have been quite heated for the province and many questions were raised shortly after it became clear that the casino money-laundering probe is not going to go to court. Following the staying of charges and the complete halt of the E-Pirate probe, as it is commonly referred to, the two individuals accused of running the illegal ring could now lose their home.

British Columbia Agency Want to Take Valuable Assets

The house is the two-story home of Caixuan Qin and Jain Jun Zhu located in Vancouver. According to the suit filed, this real property in addition to the CA$2 million seized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 2015 are all generated through the couples organized crime and their illegal activity. Therefore they should be seized by the authorities now that the criminal case against them has come to a halt.

The operation of Silver International had the main objective to wash copious amounts of dirty cash with the help of casino venues sprinkled throughout the province, eventually damaging the integrity of the gambling scene in British Columbia. The spouses were able to launder millions of Canadian dollars before their illegal ring came to the surface. There are some special permissions, which the British Columbia’s Civil Forfeiture Office has.

Some of them mandate that in order to pursue a file, the agency does not need any criminal conviction to be present. This means that it now has the freedom to go after not only the real estate owned by one of the spouses but also other assets associated with the casino operation, which was in progress. It comprises thousands of Canadian dollars in East Asian currencies, laundered by the couple, as well as chips available at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, amounting to some CA$17,800.

Assets Allegedly Acquired via the Illegal Scheme

But this is not all, as there are also about CA$10,000 in gift cards belonging to the couple, pieces of jewelry acquired throughout the time of illegal ring operation, money counters facilitating the process, luggage, and computers further aiding Silver International’s work. What gives the agency permission to demand the aforementioned items is the fact that they have been acquired across police raids in 2015 and 2016.

The authorities inspected all possessions at the spouses’ house, their safety deposit boxes at Royal Bank and the Bank of China. Furthermore, the main location of Silver International and the Style Travel office situated in its vicinity has also been raided back then. The latter company is supposedly the other channel for washing money created by the couple.

Last week British Columbia Supreme Court denied the couple their demands to receive back the cash bagged during the police raids, as well as the other objects. Projections are that the couple will have to fight in order to get their assets back once again in the foreseeable future. For the time being, RCMP has not revealed the exact reasons for the recent crash of the E-Pirate probe.

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