Bet on NY Organization Promotes Mobile Sports Wagering

New York State is about to see a brand new ad campaign focusing on the power of mobile sports wagering and everything up for grabs it is projected to bring. Bet on NY is about to launch its new ad campaign with several promotional slots focusing on mobile sports wagering and the ways in which it could change people’s lives. The organization compares the local field to the rival New Jersey one.

For quite a while now, New Yorkers have been looking forward to the legalization of mobile sports wagering that would make it possible for individuals to place their wagers in the most convenient of ways – via their smartphones. This is expected to make the gaming offering a more popular one within the borders of New York State.

Expanded Sports Wagering

Staying as competitive in an ever-changing gaming world is essential for the gaming offerings of a given state. Players should feel like they have their expectations met, in order to keep coming back for more and exploring the offerings available within the borders of the state. The status quo in New York State is considered to be far from this ideal situation.

Players feel drawn to the gaming opportunities of New Jersey, featuring online sports wagering and gambling. Bet on NY is the organization willing to push forward and promote mobile wagering on single sports events with the help of the upcoming ad campaign. Albany residents are in for a treat, as they would see it in its full informational scale very soon. The focus on this campaign is on the alternatives neighboring states have up for grabs.

In order to drive its point home, Bet on NY is about to compare the current situation in New York State with the one in New Jersey ever since the spring of 2018. It would clarify that players find a riveting alternative to their gaming activities several minutes away from the border of the state.

New Ad Campaign

Such a flow of money in the New Jersey direction should not continue amid a growing budget hole situation, claims the organization. Bet on NY considers this a missed opportunity that should trigger a positive change on a local scale. The organization encourages individuals to make their position known, so that Governor Andrew Cuomo makes a move in the right direction ahead of April 1.

This is when the state would see the official approval of this year’s budget that could make or break online sports wagering’s future in New York at least for 2020. If the change has not been included in the conversation by then, Sen. Joseph Addabbo predicts a delay until the beginning of 2021. One of the latest push linked to sports wagering expansion came from Assemblyman Gary Pretlow.

He sent a special letter to Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie addressing the issue with collegiate tournaments held on a state level. He wants to see the existing sports wagering regulation changed in a way that allows wagering on those types of sports events. Mr. Heastie proposed wagering on events taking place in the state but refraining from wagering on New York collegiate teams. Such a move is expected to make in-person sports wagering more popular.

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