BCLC Prioritizes Player Protection with Informative Event

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is preparing to transform March into a month of player protection and healthy relationship with gambling. This is going to happen through the New Horizons in Responsible Gambling special conference that is about to take place in Vancouver between March 10 and 12. People interested in learning more about the problem gambling issue and everything that could be done, are more than welcome to register.

Keeping players protected at all times and making sure their relationship with gambling is a healthy one at all times are two of the leading principles for the Crown corporation overseeing gaming offerings in British Columbia. Players should now when they have crossed the line with gambling and this activity is taking its toll on their life.

New Horizons in Responsible Gambling

The eighth edition of the problem gambling conference is about to be hosted this year in Vancouver, bringing together people with similar goals and interests. This special gathering makes it possible for individuals interested in player protection, experts researching the effect gambling has on people and more to meet and share their opinions and more information.

This event is also beneficial for the future of player protection in British Columbia, as it could shape the field in order to make it a more comprehensive one. Various new developments and approaches are about to be thoroughly discussed during the problem gambling conference mid-March. One of the main selling points of this conference would be the international roster of researchers and industry experts.

In the past, the New Horizons in Responsible Gambling conference has triggered advancement and new product implementation, eyeing a better and healthier gaming field within the borders of the province. It could be recalled that last year the theme of this conference prompted the conversation about the regression of the local gaming field and the ways in which it could be improved here and now.

March 10, 2020

In 2020, all eyes are set on the future, as the main theme of the conference is going to be Future-proofing the Gambling Industry. This means that innovation should be a perpetual experience for the players and the casino operators, in order to maintain the field youthful and fresh. Registration for participation in the two-day event is open as of today and everyone interested should make the registration in a timely manner.

There would be three main fragments of this conference, each of them complementing the rest. The event would focus on the promotion of safe gaming habits and making sure that players experience risk-free gaming. Another topic of discussion would be the reduction of the harmful impact some forms of gambling could have when experienced for a longer period.

The third facet of this conference is going to focus on the continuous work on developing a culture that centers around the well-being of players. New Horizons in Responsible Gaming is going to introduce a set of documents going over everything known about the current situation, as well as introducing possible solutions to existing problems. Following the conference, the new information, as well as the research agenda is going to be publicly issued.

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