And Then There Were None: Abdul Jamil Grabs Last CA$50M Lotto MAX Jackpot Slice

Montreal proved to be the city where dreams come true with one of the most recent Lotto MAX jackpots that reached CA$50 million. A group of 20 individuals became eligible for the substantial cash prize but only 19 came forward to bag their slices. Now the last multimillionaire made his way to bag his CA$2.5-million share of the overall prize, claiming that he missed the special event last Friday.

Once a lottery draw is over, there are usually people disappointed with the results and others eager to claim their cash prize. The latter have as many as 52 weeks to make a move and bag what is theirs by the rules of the lottery corporation. When it became clear that Lotto MAX has once again changed 20 people’s lives all eyes were set on the South Shore, as this is where the fortunate purchase was made.

Last Player Bags His Prize

The group of people did not include friends solely, as there were people that met for the first time. Thanks to the formule groupe players could purchase a joint ticket and increase their chances of winning big. Abdul Jamil was the last individual to make it to the prize claim office and make his dreams come true with a single lottery cheque.

Unfortunately, he could not make it on time for the Friday press conference with the remaining 19 individuals eligible for the lottery prize, but he was able to make his way to the prize claim office this week. This meant that he could not meet his fellow lottery players that also as their life-changing overnight.

Despite the fact he was all alone when collecting his prize, he was still eager to do so. The fortunate purchase was made at the Loto-Quebec kiosk in the Champlain Mall. Projections are that this point of purchase is going to become a hotspot in the area, as many players would hope to rub off on the good luck.

CA$50-Million Jackpot Shared among 20

What should also be taken into account is that this lottery jackpot would not be beneficial solely for the players bagging it. Since the location is connected to the Quebec Epilepsy Association, a substantial amount of the lottery jackpot is going to be allocated to it. This percent would amount to some CA$500,000 and the association is projected to pour it into its many ongoing projects across the province.

The lucky draw took place on May 3 and it is evident that there has been some delay in the prize collection. Since it is a big group of people we are talking about, arranging a time and day for the congregation that would work for everyone involved took some time. Many of them did not know each other prior to the joint ticket purchase and were happy to reunite for the prize claim. They shared plans for the bright future.

May 14 is going to be a special Tuesday, as it is about to ring the groundbreaking Lotto MAX second weekly draw giving players more chances of bagging the hefty jackpots. In turn, they are going to have the freedom to swell all the way to CA$70 million, solidifying Lotto MAX’ position as the most generous lottery game in Canada.

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